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casting reel

casting work:  linear, streamers, commercial, editorial & so much more 

Casting Director, The 40 Year Old Property Virgin (Buck Productions)
The Briefing: Casting individuals and couples moving out of their parent's home and purchasing their own home for the first time.

Casting Producer, The Hills: New Beginnings
The Briefing: Cast "friends of" and b-storylines (including crossover episodes with the stars of Made in Chelsea) for the reboot of The Hills. 


Casting Producer, Dating Around Season 1
The Briefing: Cast single New Yorkers for social experiment centered on dating. Casting for the "main dater" and "datees"

Client: Seventeen Magazine (Facebook Watch)
The Briefing: Cast teens and young adults for Seventeen's YouTube Series, Bestie Picks Bae. 
(Seasons 1-4; 42 episodes)


Client: Supercell & Suite Spot TV 
The Briefing: Cast authentic Hay Day gamers for a "day in the life of" series.  
(Season 3, 10 episodes - Currently in Production)


Casting Producer, The Misery Index Season 1
The Briefing: Cast contestants with their own miserable stories for tv's more miserable game show. 


Booker & Producer, Seasons 9 & 10, The Dr. Oz Show
Segments included true-crime, diet & lifestyle & show sponsors/integrations. 

Daytime Emmy Award Winner, 2017 & 2018: Outstanding Talk Show/Informative


Client: Harper's Bazaar (Editorial/YouTube Series)
The Briefing: Cast teenagers and young adults who have had a cosmetic procedure. 


Client: Elle Magazine (Editorial/YouTube Series)
The Briefing: Cast diverse mother-daughter duos for a emotional series where daughter's try on their mother's wedding dress for the first time.


Client: Bustle Digital x Elite Daily (YouTube Series/Branded)
The Briefing: Cast individuals looking for love and open to a unique test on astrology.
(8 episodes)


Client: Women's Health Magazine (YouTube Series/Editorial)
The Briefing: Cast over-the-top "grandmas" for a video series where they discuss their sex lives, aging, Snapchat & their pet peeves.   
(4 episodes 16+ Grandmas)


Client: Men's Health Magazine (YouTube Series/Branded)
The Briefing: Cast improv-artists with a passion for taste testing pizza!  
(3 improv artists)


Client: (YouTube Series/Editorial)
The Briefing: Cast women who have had a cosmetic procedure to share their experience and women who want a cosmetic procedure to share why. 
(15+ episodes, ongoing)

AP & Producer, The Jerry Springer Show, Seasons 23, 24, & 25. 
Cast couples and individuals with relationship problems. 

Client: Hearst Digital (Facebook Watch)
The Briefing: Cast make-up artists (and models) for a beauty competition series with the challenge of creating a distinct make-up look for an event... with a secret ingredient!
(4 episodes; 8 make-up artists & 8 models)


Client: Seventeen Magazine (YouTube Series)
The Briefing: Casting for Seventeen Magazine's YouTube Series, Firsts. Topics include My First Kiss, My First Time Voting, and My First Week At College.
(23 episodes)


Client: Marie Claire x Esquire Magazines (Branded/Digital)
The Briefing: Casting girls and pre-teens to discuss their experiences growing up in the #MeToo movement.

Client: Hearst Digital (Facebook Watch)
The Briefing: Cast sets of friends with distinct looks to swap styles. 
(4 episodes; 4 sets of friends)


Client: Hearst Digital (Facebook Watch)
The Briefing: Cast individuals with distinct style for a complete transformation.  
(4 episodes; 4 individuals)


Client: Elle Magazine (Branded/Digital) 
The Briefing: Cast former best friends to talk about why their friendship went south. 


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